Covid-19 Surge has Increased Requirement of Medical Oxygen 3 Times, Says Medanta Chairman

Story Highlights
  • The oxygen demand increased three times in the hospital
  • Dr Tehran requested the doctors to use the oxygen in judicious manner
  • Medanta chairman stated that if the public supports them, then they can win in this war

New Delhi: Amid the scarcity of medical oxygen in India, the demand for it shot up by three times due to the surge in Covid-19 cases. Medanta Chairman Dr Naresh Trehan stated that the issue is related to oxygen transportation. The increase in the demand is a huge challenge.

He said, “The demand for oxygen has gone up by three times. The steel industries, which are the biggest manufacturers of oxygen for their own consumption, offered to provide oxygen. But the issue is related to transportation. The supply chain can improve in 5-7 days”.

Dr Trehan also said that the doctors in the hospitals should ensure that the oxygen must be used in a judicious manner. Regarding the hospitalization of Covid-19 patients, he said, “Patient’s lungs’ condition, blood test reports, comorbidities, and age create a scenario under which we can say if it is right for them to be hospitalized… I did like to tell doctors to keep in mind who has to be recommended to hospital”.

The Medanta Chairman urged the public not to panic in this worsening situation. “The balance between Covid care centres run by hospitals and hospitals must coordinate. This will rationalize the use of oxygen, increase the availability of beds and the public will not panic”. He further added that if the public supports them, then they can win the war. Meanwhile, the Government is also responding to the demands. 

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