COVID-19 Takes a Toll as South Africa Combats the Delta Variant

Story Highlights
  • 16 months into the pandemic in South Africa, COVID-19 is still a mass casualty event
  • South Africa has recorded over 300 daily deaths since last week
  • Hospitals report severe shortage of beds and oxygen

World: South Africa witnessed one of the worst nights. The grips of a terrible wave of infections are still growing alarmingly. The hospitals have been struggling to accommodate the huge mob that arrives for treatment.

Even after 16 months into the pandemic, the patients in this country are crammed into every corner of the hospital’s emergency rooms. The patients lie on the beds waiting for the treatment to begin and some die waiting for the medical assistance.

A senior doctor at a major public hospital in Johannesburg said that, “it is devastating, it is soul destroying. We are trained to save lives, but you revert to that wartime mentality, you revert to becoming numbed, you revert to becoming blunted.” The doctor added that the third wave is way more devastating than the previous ones. 

So far, Africa has reported 2,112,336 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 63,039 deaths. As of 4 July 2021, a total of 3,314,273 vaccine doses have been administered reported WHO. South Africa has seen a rising toll in the country since early June. As per the data documented at the hospitals, the country has reported over 300 deaths per day in the past week- which is reportedly four times the rate recorded in the last month. 

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