COVID Confusion in China as Authorities Row Back Curbs

BEIJING: Confusion cast across China, as authorities shifted the tone on dangers posed by Coronavirus hinting at easing of curbs on Monday. Though the protests witnessed last week faded away, authorities in numerous regions have announced some relaxations of lockdowns, quarantine rules, and testing requirements. Reports hinted at a drop in daily counts of new COVID cases as authorities stepped back on testing.

The strictest approach to contain the spread has battered the economy of the world’s most productive nation, pushing several into mental trauma and prompting a big show of discontent in mainland China. An officer who oversees the COVID efforts said that the diseases causing the ability of the virus was weakening. COVID-hit Apple supplier Foxconn is expected to resume full production around late December to early January officials stated on Monday.

Since January 2020, China has classified COVID-19 as a Category B infectious disease but has managed it under Category A protocols, giving authorities the power to put patients and their close contacts into quarantine and lockdown regions. In recent days, authorities have put eased testing norms like a warning not to repeat tests, and dropping testing for public transport.

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