Covid Fear Grasps People Around the Globe Again

Story Highlights
  • China was already seeing a surge in cases
  • The spread of the virus is reported in other countries as well
  • But India sees a decline in the rate of covid patients

New Delhi: Covid is again wreaking havoc in all the countries of the world including China. Since the beginning of November, there has been a sudden jump in corona cases globally. Hospitals are full of patients and the death toll is again breaking records. On the other hand, thankfully the cases of corona continue to decline in India. In the week ending on Sunday, only 12 deaths due to corona have been recorded in the country. 

At the same time, not a single case of death has come to light for the last three days. This is the lowest in terms of daily deaths since March 2020. At the same time, 1103 new cases of corona have been registered in the last week. This is the lowest since the first lockdown March 23-29, 2020. That week, 736 new cases were detected, with the figure rising to 3,154 the following week. According to statistics, in the past week (December, 12-18), there has been a decline of 19% in corona cases in the last seven days. 

On the other hand, a huge jump in the case of corona has been seen in many countries including Asia, and Europe. Global cases stood at 3.3 lakh on November 2. Since then it has been increasing continuously. On December 18, this figure increased by 55 percent to reach 5.1 lakh. 

Japan has seen the highest jump in Corona cases. More than one million cases have been registered there in the last seven days. This is a jump of 23% from the previous week. The country has reported more than 1,600 deaths this week, a jump of nearly 19 percent. At the same time, South Korea reported more than 450,000 fresh cases last week, up 9% from the previous week. Apart from this, cases are also increasing in Brazil, and Germany. One lakh new cases have been reported in countries like Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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