Covid Hero Sonu Sood Becomes Emotional About the Pandemic Crisis in the Nation

Bollywood: Though several celebrities have come forward to help the people in crisis during the covid-19 pandemic by offering lump-sum amounts of money, there is no one like Sonu Sood who offered help beyond monetary expenses.

He had taken responsibility to ferry individuals from their workplaces to their hometowns during the sudden lockdown last year. And he has been involved in arranging for oxygen, beds, and other medical supplies this year too. But he is disheartened with the current healthcare situation of the country.

In an interview, he says, “My heart breaks when I see all that. I have been listening to all these people and when I see those visuals, I can imagine myself,” he said, before adding, “Now I sometimes thank god that they are no more (his parents). I imagine they would have been so helpless and running for them, you feel like a failed human if you are not able to oxygen your loved ones, a bed in the hospital for your loved ones. You fail as an individual, aapko lagta hai zindagi mein aapne kya kiya (you feel like you’ve done nothing in life.)”

Several celebrities have lauded his work but he himself feels miserable while not being able to help everyone who approaches him for help. “I feel helpless every single day, mujhe nayeeproblems logo ki pata chalti hai and I feel ki ‘yaar, kis desh mein reh rahe hai hum log (I learn about newer problems and I feel what kind of country are we living in)”, he concluded.

He also tested positive for the virus but defeated it soon. Let us all join hands in defeating this pandemic by following the necessary protocols and helping each other as much as possible.



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