COVID Outbreak at the US Embassy in Afghanistan Surges

Story Highlights
  • A diplomatic cable disclosed the dramatic figures
  • On June 17, the Embassy released a notice that dictated 114 infections, one death and several medical evacuations
  • An observation by the embassy reveals, 95% of the cases were either partially vaccinated or unvaccinated

World: A diplomatic cable on Tuesday informed that a huge number of individuals of the US Embassy in Kabul have been hit by the third wave. The cable reported that nearly 159 members on the diplomatic mission were on oxygen or have been evacuated from the country, as the nation imposed an immediate lockdown last week to curtail the spread of the virus. 

 The growing outbreak at the embassy has prompted frustration among some in the diplomatic community over the lack of a vaccine mandate for those posted abroad, which they argue hampers the United States’ ability to conduct effective foreign policy.   

An embassy management notice dated June 17 warned that “COVID-19 is surging in the Mission,” noting that there were 114 people with coronavirus and in isolation, one death and several medical evacuations. 

Officials stated, some of the cases in the current outbreak cropped from personnel interacting directly with the public, while on the other hand some breakthrough cases among staff who had been vaccinated. 

As per the reports issued by the embassy, 95% of the cases were either partially vaccinated or unvaccinated. He called for immediate vaccination as the breakthrough was endangering the community. 

Sources said,” the surge in cases has fuelled tensions in Kabul, “blaming the unvaccinated contractors”. Most American diplomats, third country nationals and locally employed staff have been vaccinated ;the rate is more than 90% of staff in the latter two categories, according to the management notice.

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