Covid Protocol Defied While Devotees Gather in a Temple in Gujarat to Eradicate Corona

Story Highlights
  • Women devotees visit temple with superstitious beliefs
  • Action taken against 23 people, sarpanch of the village arrested
  • 13,000+ covid cases reported alone on Tuesday in Gujarat

Gujarat: On Wednesday, a large number of women devotees walked their way towards baliyadev temple in Ahmedabad’s Sanand district’s Navapura village. No covid protocols were maintained, instead, they took part in the procession without even wearing masks. It is said that the women devotees were instructed to do so by a local priest who said “gods are angry” and thus, they sent corona. By performing such a procession, the corona will be defeated.

A total of 23 people have been summoned in this incident that includes the sarpanch of the village as well. KT Kamaria, the senior police officer of the rural district of Ahmedabad informed about the same to the media. Gujarat is facing a surge in covid cases and the daily count has reached almost 13,000+ but still people are losing their common sense over superstitious religious beliefs.

Several states are under night curfew and partial lockdowns and Gujarat is no less! Under new restrictions, temples are to remain closed in Gujarat. But some people still find ways to defy the rules and add to the spread of the virus diligently. The incident is criticized by a lot of sections of society. Hopefully, any such future gatherings shall be controlled after this incident!

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