Covid Third Wave May Affect Children, Predicts Principal Scientific Advisor

Story Highlights
  • After 2nd wave, predictions are high for a 3rd and 4th wave
  • 3rd wave to affect children mostly
  • No vaccines yet to administer children

New Delhi: The second wave of the covid-19 disease has been more brutal than the first wave. It has killed more than 3000 people per day in the nation and has affected over 3 lakh people daily. Still, people are not being conscious and flouting covid protocols in most places. Though the government has implemented partial lockdowns across many states, full lockdowns are not on the list as of now!

Regarding the 3rd wave, the principal scientific advisor of the government, K Vijay Raghavan said, “Phase three is inevitable given the higher levels of circulating virus, but it is not clear on what time-scale this phase three will occur. We should be prepared for new waves”. Other experts also predict that the next phase is going to be more lethal than the previous strains.

A report from a leading daily suggests that, “The thing to understand here is that when the first wave of COVID came, the virus would kill the lungs in 10 days. In the second wave, this time period reduced from 5 to 7 days. And it is being said that in the third wave, it can be even 2 to 3 days”. The BMC is preparing for a pediatric covid care ward in advance of this prediction to avoid any further complications to accommodate children affected by the virus.

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