COVID to End in Europe as Winter Weans off: WHO

Story Highlights
  • WHO predicts COVID to subside in Europe.
  • Dr. Hans Kluge WHO Europe director addressed a press briefing .
  • Nearly 12 million new cases were reported last week in the continent.

Copenhagen: Two years after the continent entered into the Pandemic, a long period of tranquillity can be said WHO official on Thursday. “This period of higher protection should be seen as a ceasefire that could bring us enduring peace”, WHO Europe director Hans Kluge told reporters. The drastic decline in the COVID curve in the continent is being contributed to the high vaccination rates recorded.

Dr Hans Kluge said at a media briefing that there is a “singular opportunity” for countries across Europe to take control of COVID-19 transmission due to three factors: high levels of immunisation due to vaccination and natural infection, the virus’ tendency to spread less in warmer weather and the lower severity of the omicron variant.

As winter subsides in regions of Europe, Dr Hans asserted that authorities must be potent enough by now to tackle future outbreaks. He also urged health authorities to protect risk groups and to promote individual responsibility.

With the contagious Omicron variant in circulation, Europe in the past one week recorded 12 million new coronavirus cases, the highest single weekly total during the pandemic. He said that spike was driven by the hugely infectious omicron variant, but said that admissions to hospital intensive care units haven’t risen significantly due to maximum vaccination coverage.

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