COVID Updates: Chhattisgarh Statistics Beyond the National Average, the Centres Reports Reveal

Story Highlights
  • Durg and Raipur form the hotspots
  • State health service operator Neeraj Bansod ordered private hospitals to establish COVID Medical Facilities and Isolation Centres
  • Chhattisgarh crossing the bars

Raipur: Union Ministry of Health reported Chhattisgarh’s COVID death tally to be higher than the national average. Around 18 states have been under the radar due to their striking rise. Chhattisgarh stands at No. 15 amongst them. The national capital ranks No.1. 

In the last 24 hours, the state health authorities have reported 1423 fresh cases. Around 461 infected individuals were cured of the viral disease while 20 succumbed to death. With 20,181 active cases, the state tested 8283 individuals in the last 24 hours.

Despite strict operating guidelines in the view of Holi, Durg and Raipur reported high numbers of casualties and fresh diagnoses.  The district administration tried to break the chain of corona infection on the day of Holi. As the figure increased tremendously, the administration levied a ban on public celebrations. However, the health authorities need to consider even stringent measures to curb the spread.

State health service operator Neeraj Bansod reported that in view of rising infections all private hospitals will accommodate a COVID Medical Facility and Isolation Centre.  Dr Vineet Jain, joint operator and superintendent of Ambedkar Hospital, reported the distress hospitals are undergoing due to the spiking cases. He also expressed grief over the recklessness of the citizens over self-care from coronavirus.

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