Covid Vaccine 3rd Dose Testing Begins in the US against New Strains

New Delhi: The new covid strain has been affecting a lot of people in the UK and US and the vaccination process has not quite shown a major effect on controlling it. However, the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine has reached the US and now the third phase of vaccination will roll out soon. 

The chairman and executive officer of Pfizer, Albert Bourla says, “While we have not seen any evidence that the circulating variants result in a loss of the protection provided by our vaccine, we are taking multiple steps to act decisively and be ready in case a strain becomes resistant to the protection afforded by the vaccine. This booster study is critical to understanding the safety of a third dose and immunity against circulating strains”.

The vaccine strength has been under crucial scrutiny as the researchers are developing new mRNA strains to match the severity. On this development Albert further said, “At the same time, we are making the right investments and engaging in the appropriate conversations with regulators to help position us to potentially develop and seek authorization for an updated mRNA vaccine or booster if needed”. The first phase of the procedure will have 1 participant from two age groups, i.e., 18-65 and 65-85, and vaccinate up to 144 participants. The situation is controlled after the vaccination procedure.

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