Cow Entrepreneurs Make Holi Colours from Dung

Story Highlights
  • Ritesh Agarwal from a social organization has taken the initiative.
  • He runs a gaushala in Boriyakhurd area.
  • The gulaal is made from dry cowdung and food colours and left over flowers.

Chattisgarh: After Ganesh idols and Diwali lamps made from cow dung, cow entrepreneurs in Chattisgarh are now gearing up to hit the market with ‘Gulaal’ made from cow dung.With Holi round the corner, these eco-friendly colours come as a boon to beauty lovers of both self and the mother earth.

This would be for the first time, when colours made from cowdung would be sold on large scale. The initiative is taken by Ritesh Agarwal from social organization Ek Pahal in Raipur, who runs a gaushala in Boriyakhurd area. Making gulaal from cowdung is a tedious process and takes around 5-6 days says, Ritesh who endorses the process with his wife.

As per the sources who were explained the process said that the cow dung is first dried and taken grinded following which is mixed with left over decoration flowers and food colour for the desired shade.

Priced at Rs 50-100, the chemical free cow dung gulaal has gained popularity in no time. The concept of cow dung gulaal has been widely approved by the state govt. It is been reported that the municipal corporation Raipur has placed a huge order for the festival.A similar initiative was taken by an organization in Gujarat previous year.

Such programs have been an impetus in efforts to make gaushalas economically sustainable units. Apart from colours, blocks of cow dung made in the form of wooden sticks was also produced, which wqs used for the bonfire lit as part of the Holi festivities.

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