Cows Tied And Mercilessly Thrown into Fields in CG

Story Highlights
  • 4 cows killed in Singhichua village.
  • Accused nabbed by the Bhatgaon police.
  • The accused tied the cows feet and threw them into the fields.

Raipur: A slueth of miscreants from village Singhichua were arrested by the Bhatgaon police station for killing four cows.

Preliminary investigation reveals, Santosh Bharti of village Bachhordih and his associates hatched a plan to damage the fields and kill the cattle that belonged to Shankar Chauhan. The incident took place on September 7th.

The police has nabbed Santosh Bharti, Rajaram Bharti, Bhajan Kurre accused who killed the cow throwing them into paddy fields with tied legs. The tractor used to move the cows has also been seized the police said.

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