Criminals Rob Homes at Knifepoint in Madhya Pradesh’s Anuppur District

Anuppur- There have been increased activities in Anuppur district, Madhya Pradesh, causing fear among the residents. These lawbreakers show no fear of the police. Often target homes, especially women, where they forcibly enter and steal items at knifepoint. A recent incident that took place within the jurisdiction of Kotma police station highlights this growing issue as three armed criminals broke into a house and made away with over INR 5 lakhs of loot. Despite their efforts, the police are facing difficulties in capturing these criminals. As a response to this situation, the police have announced a reward of INR 30,000 for any information leading to the arrest of these suspects.

The incident occurred when Ehatesam Ansari was not home; only his wife, Saba Firdous, and his mother were present. Three criminals arrived on a motorcycle. Forcefully entered their house while brandishing knives, causing terror for the women. They showed them a knife as they looted cash and other valuables from an almirah and other belongings amounting to more than INR 5 lakhs.

Deeply upset by this incident, the family promptly reported the robbery to the police, which prompted an investigation by law enforcement agencies aiming to identify and apprehend these culprits. The Kotma police department is diligently working towards solving this case which is part of a pattern of criminal activities affecting the region.

The incident highlights the requirement for security measures and efficient law enforcement to address the escalating crime rate in the Anuppur district. The residents are growing more fearful of acts emphasizing the urgency for action.

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