Critical Aspects of National Statistics Day: Significance, Theme, History, and Date

New Delhi: National Statistics Day, observed on June 29 each year, holds significance in honoring the notable contributions of Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis to the fields of statistics and economic planning. Designated by the Indian government on June 5, 2007, this day serves as a reminder of Professor Mahalanobis’ invaluable role in shaping statistical development in India. 

Professor Mahalanobis played a pivotal role as a member of India’s first planning commission and was instrumental in establishing the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) in 1931. His expertise and efforts significantly contributed to advancing statistical methodologies and their application in economic planning.

This year’s National Statistics Day theme is “Alignment of State Indicator Framework with National Indicator Framework for Monitoring Sustainable Development Goals.” This theme highlights the importance of harmonizing state-level indicators with the national framework to monitor and achieve sustainable development goals effectively.

The observance of National Statistics Day serves as a valuable opportunity to foster public awareness particularly among the younger generation. This is done by highlighting the crucial role that statistics play in strategizing, economic planning, and policy formulation. It creates a platform to recognize the significance of statistical analysis and its profound impact on evidence based decision making.

The commemorative event for Statistics Day 2023 is being held at the Scope Convention Centre, Scope Complex, Lodhi Road in New Delhi. The esteemed Chief Guest for the event is the Union Minister of State (Independent Charge) for the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, Rao Inderjit Singh.

By celebrating National Statistics Day, India aims to inspire further advancements in statistical research, foster data-driven decision-making, and honor Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis’s legacy in shaping the country’s statistical landscape.

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