Criticism Piles for Gandhi as he Spoke for Federalism

Story Highlights
  • Several opposition leaders slammed Congress High Command.
  • Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin praises Gandhi for voicing the long-standing arguments of the Tamils.
  • Rahul Gandhi delivered 45-minute-long speech on Wednesday ripping apart Modi’s govt.

New Delhi: Thursday morning overhauled criticism for Rahul Gandhi after his 45 minutes long speech in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday sparked rage amongst several leaders.

Union Minister Kiren Rijiju on Thursday hit back Gandhi for his remark saying- he thinks he is the “king of India”. Gandhi on Wednesday had accused the Centre of having a “flawed vision” and centralising power. He said, “the idea of the king has come back”. “Earlier he used to behave like India’s ‘Yuvraj’ and now he thinks he is the ‘king’ of India,” said Rijiju in a tweet today.

Further India’s External Minister jibing the Congress leader for his over his China-Pakistan remarks argued that PM Narendra Modi’s government and its foreign policies have brought China and Pakistan together. He further tweeted remarks pointing out the relationship between China and Pakistan under the Congress reign in the 1970s.

On the contrary, Gandhi who ripped apart the Modi Govt on Wednesday received huge appreciation from analysts commentors. Moreover, Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin also stood in line with the Congress MP. Taking to his Twitter handle today, the southern state CM, gave a shout out thanking him ‘ on behalf of all Tamils’. According to the CM, Gandhi voiced the long-standing arguments of Tamils in the parliament, which rest on the unique culture and political roots that value Self Respect.

Protests scored from BJP MPs and govt benches as Gandhi dug out every nook and corner of the country.

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