Cyber Security Alert; Media Houses Cautioned Against Breach on August 15

Story Highlights
  • Cyber Police issues alert to all media houses
  • Anticipates breach in the system on upcoming Independence Day
  • The Cyber Department issues guidelines to amplify cyber security

Ahead of the 75th Independence Day, the Cyber police of Bhopal have sounded alert. According to officials, hackers may intervene in the broadcast of Independence Day and provoke outbursts.

All media houses have been directed to amplify their technical security and monitor their systems. The Cyber officials have asserted to provide assistance if any is needed.

Issuing a list of security instructions, the media houses have been suggested to 

  • install a firewall, Anti-Malware or any Anti-virus on their systems
  • Install protective measures to prevent any breach in cyber security.
  • Ensure the privacy of the Admin login password and strengthen the password.
  • Ensure safety measures by finding vulnerabilities in the network by conducting network security audits immediately.‎ 

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