Cyrus Mistry Was In Back Seat, Wasn’t Wearing Seat Belt: Report

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  • Reports point out Cyrus Mistry and Jahangir Pandole were not wearing seat belts.
  • As per primary probe the car was overspeeding when it hit the divider.
  • Cyrus Mistry died in an accident on Sunday while on way from Gujarat to Mumbai by road.

The untimely demise of Ex Tata Chairman has shocked the nation and put officials on extra duty. As per primary probe into the Mercedes-Benz GLC SUV accident in which Cyrus Mistry passed away, the officials have found the vehicle was overspeeding and covered 20kms in 9 minutes. It hit a divider in its pursuit to overtake another vehicle from left. It added that Mistry and Jahangir Pandole who also succumbed to the accident were not wearing seat belts which errd the function of curtain air bags for the rear seats.

Police said it went through the CCTV footage captured at the Charoti checkpoint around 2.21pm. The accident took place at around 2.30pm, when the Mercedes was on the bridge on the Surya river, which is 20km from the check post, police said, as quoted by sources. This shows that the car covered this distance in about only nine minutes, the report said. An error of judgement by the driver, Anahita Pandole, has also been pointed out.

After being lifted for medical help, Mistry was declared dead on arrival to the hospital while Jahangir Dinsha Pandol died during the transit, the medics confirmed.

Cyrus Mistry had a head injury and Jahangir Dinsha, Anahita Pandole’s brother, had a left leg fracture and head injury. Anahita and her husband Darius who were sitting in the front seats received serious injuries and are under treatment.

Cyrus Mistry, former Chairman of Tata Sons, died in a car accident while on way from Gujarat’s Udwada to Mumbai. He was accompanied by three others family friends, brothers Darius and Jehangir Pandole, and Darius Pandole’s wife Anahita Pandole.

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