Dabur Withdraws Lesbian Couple Ad After Madhya Pradesh Minister’s Warning

Story Highlights
  • Dabur recalls Karwa Chauth commercial featuring same-sex couple.
  • The ad was withdrawn after warning of MP Home Minister.
  • Dabur apologizes on Twitter.

Madhya Pradesh: Dabur withdrew an advertisement for Karwa Chauth on Tuesday, which praised inclusivity, equality, and a progressive perspective of marriage but also sparked a barrage of criticism, including a harsh response from Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra.

The company is the latest to blink in the face of online criticism and veiled threats from BJP politicians. The corporation has been threatened with legal action by the Madhya Pradesh Home Minister. He said that police had been instructed to ask the company to remove the advertisement. He added, “And if it fails to do so, take legal steps after examining the advertisement.” He warned, “Lesbian couple today, gay men tomorrow,” when the commercial was objected to and accused for promoting lesbianism.

Mishra asked why such advertisements only involved “festivities related to the Hindu religion”. He said, “Today, they showed a lesbian breaking the fast for Karwa Chauth, looking at her partner through the drive. Tomorrow, they will show two boys taking pheras and getting married. This is objectionable.”

“Fem’s Karwa Chauth campaign has been withdrawn from social media handles and we unconditionally apologize for unintentionally hurting people’s sentiments,” Dabur said in a brief statement.


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