Dacoit Wanted in 31 Cases Held Following an Encounter

GWALIOR: A dacoit with more than 30 cases registered against his name was nabbed by the MP Police in Gwalior following a tip off, an official said on Thursday. The accused is said to have been detained after suffered a leg injury. A 315 bore rifle was recovered during the search launched after the arrest.

The accused is identified as Gudda Gujjar, who held a bounty of Rs 60,000. As per information by the police officials involved in the operation, an encounter broke out between the police forces and the dacoit in a forested patch near Ghatigaon under Bhanwarpura police station limits.

“He is wanted in 31 cases including 3 related 2 murder in gwalior Morena in shivpuri district he was hospitalised laid Wednesday night. The dacoit and his gang members fired 40 rounds at the police during the encounter while police responded with 25 to 30 rounds Additional Director General of Police D Sreenivasa Verma said while interacting with the media reporters.

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