Dark Days of Emergency Can Never Be Forgotten: PM Modi

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  • PM Modi recalls the 21-month long emergency in India
  • Issues stinging comments on Congress over the 1975 emergency under the leadership of Ms. Indira Gandhi
  • BJP marks the anniversary of the Emergency as "Black Day"

New Delhi: On the 46th anniversary of the emergency imposed across the nation during congress reign, PM Modi on Friday launched a stinging attack on the Congress over the 1975 Emergency. 

 “The Dark Days of Emergency can never be forgotten. The period from 1975 to 1977 witnessed a systematic destruction of institutions. Let us pledge to do everything possible to strengthen India’s democratic spirit, and live up to the values enshrined in our Constitution,” the Prime Minister tweeted and followed it up with another. The second tweet read- how congress, according to PM Modi trampled over democratic ethos of the nation surfaced on PMs official page. 

Meanwhile, Union Minister Amit Shah also remembered the 21-month long emergency that according to him was imposed to quell voices against the one family and termed it as a dark chapter in the history of independent India.

Under the Prime ministership of Indira Gandhi, President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed under Article 352 of the constitution due to prevailing internal disturbances had called an emergency which came into effect from June 25, 1975 and lasted until March 1977. 

The order vested upon the PM the authority to rule by decree, after Allahabad High Court found her guilty of electoral malpractices and disbarred her as a parliamentarian for six years. Constitutional rights and civil liberties were suspended, the media was severely restricted, and many opposition leaders were jailed during the period that lasted till 1977. 

Lifting the emergency in 1977, Gandhi called for Lok Sabha elections in which the Congress received its first ever defeat since Independence in 1947.

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