Deadlock Deepens; Adani’s Vizhinjam Port Halted

Kochi: Protestors from a fishing community blocked attempts by India’s Adani Group to restart work on $900 million transshipment port in South India. Prolonging a deadlock has stalled the port’s development.

Construction at Adani’s Vizhinjam seaport in Kerela, the southern most tip of India has been halted for more than three months now as protesters have erected a large shelter blocking the entrance claiming that port’s development has caused coastal erosion and deprived them of their livelihoods.

Following a court’s order, the Adani Group attempted to move heavy vehicles into the port to resume construction work, but protestors blocked them from entering the area. Around 25 trucks trying to enter the port were forced to turn back after two were hit by stones.

“We won’t let them in”, a protestor screamed at the police officers. A group of women laid on the road leading to the roads. The spokesperson from the Adani Group has claimed that the project was in full compliance with all laws and that many studies in recent years have rejected allegations linked to the project’s effect on shoreline erosion.

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