Death Anniversary: Martyr Veer Narayan Singh, Chhattisgarh’s first freedom fighter

The name Veer Narayan Singh is the most inspiring name among the freedom fighters who fought for their land against the British rulers. He was born in 1795 in the Zamindar family of Sonakhan. Earlier his father, Ramasai raised a sword against the British and Bhosals during 1818-’19, but he was later suppressed by Captain Maxan.

After the death of his father in 1830, Veer Narayan Singh became the landowner. He was a benevolent as well as industrious landowner, who used to meet people of the zone personally, helping them in their cultivation or business. In 1854, after the merger of the English state, he stood against the fame which was made in a new way. This turned Eliot, the Deputy Commissioner of Raipur against him.

In 1856, Chhattisgarh came under severe drought. People in the state began to crave food-grains, while the Kashadol merchant Makhan’s warehouse was full of grains. The trader was not ready to give the grain to the starving people, while Singh crushed the stocks of the grain storage. The British rulers were not in a mood of taking action against the great rebel yet, but Eliot issued a warrant against him on basis of the dealer’s complaint.

On October 24, 1856, the zamindar was arrested in Sambalpur. But he escaped from the prison along with 3 companions on August 28, 1857, reached Sonakhan, and formed an army of 500 gunmen. Along with his army, he fought a tremendous fight against the British. The British managed to capture him again after the horrific conflict and hanged him on December 10, 1857. 

Keeping in view his constant struggle against injustice, his motivations towards the villagers to awaken them to fight for their fundamental rights, the government of Chhattisgarh honored Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh by installing a Jaya Stambh (Pillar of Victory) at the spot he was hanged by the British. The road junction around the Jaya Stambh in Raipur is known as ‘Jaya Stambh Chowk’. Lalluram.com dedicate their heartiest tribute to the great hero on his death anniversary.

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