Death of Tribals Triggers Alarm; Health Officials Dispatched to Probe

Story Highlights
  • Reports of death of 39 tribals in remote villages bordering Bijapur-Narayanpur surface.
  • Officials from Health Dept dispatch to investigate the deaths.
  • A similar incident was reported in Regdagatta village last month.

Bijapur-Narayanpur: To probe the mysterious death of 39 tribals, the Health Department has dispatched a team of its officials to investigate the matter. As per reports around 39 tribals’ residing in the villages bordering Bijapur and Narayanpur have reportedly died due to known reasons.

A team of 15 including two MBBS doctors from Bhiaramgarh have been sent to the remote villages to conduct a health camp and rule out the cause of the deaths. It is worth noting that villages Bail, Takilod, Marrameta, Membra, Palli and Godmer on the border of Bijapur and Narayanpur district have no aerial connection to the district HQs.

This is the second time mysterious deaths are reported in CG. Earlier in August, around 50 people died of mysterious ailments in a remote village, Regdagatta of Sukma district which triggered alarms in the nearby areas.

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