Delhi AQI Refuses to Low Down, Respiratory Problems Continue

New Delhi: Delhi today was engulfed in smog along with poor air quality coinciding with the arrival of winter. Delhi’s air quality this morning remained in the ‘very poor’ category with the AQI (air quality index) being 332. People of the capital are facing serious breathing problems due to it.

In Delhi, there was a slight drop in pollution on Friday due to light winds blowing from the southwest/southeast direction. According to the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), Delhi’s pollution level was recorded at 352 on Friday, which was 16 points less than Thursday. On Friday, Greater Noida recorded more pollution than Delhi, while other places in NCR recorded less pollution than Delhi. 

According to the board, there will be a change in the wind direction on Saturday and it will blow from the South-East/North-West direction. Light fog will prevail in the morning. There will be a change in the wind direction on Sunday and it may blow from the north-west direction. The change in wind direction is likely to improve the pollution level.

On Friday, Delhi’s maximum temperature was 3 degrees above normal, while the minimum temperature was one degree below normal. According to the Regional Meteorological Center, the maximum temperature of Delhi was recorded at 27.7 and the minimum temperature was 8 degrees on Friday. According to the department, smog is expected in Delhi for the next week. There may also be a drop in temperature.

Apparently, Delhi has been under such low air quality since Diwali. Even after the ban on the production, selling, and burning of firecrackers, the capital did not bar from doing them all. And the result was a very low poor quality the next morning and thereafter. The administration is doing the needful to control the situation but the winter weather is playing spoilsport.

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