Delhi CM to Hold a Review Meeting to Discuss the Surge in Covid Cases

Story Highlights
  • Delhi reported around 11,000 new cases a day that makes it the highest in a day till now
  • Kejriwal to hold review meeting at 12 noon today
  • He informs that the Delhi government is not in favor of lockdown yet

New Delhi: The last month has seen a sudden spike in covid-19 cases in the country amid the rollout of vaccines earlier this year. Apart from Maharashtra, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Delhi is also on the list of reporting a surge in the cases in the last month. To control the situation and impose restrictions on certain areas, the Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is looking forward to a review meeting that is to be held at 12 noon today.

Though earlier he hinted to impose a lockdown like before to control the situation, it seems he has discarded the thought as of now. In a press conference, the CM said, “Delhi government is not in favor of lockdown, but we will be left with no options if the situation worsens in hospitals”, which also doesn’t rule out the lockdown options. 

He also urged the centre to remove the age bracket from the vaccination drive saying that more than half the affected individuals are below the age of 45 and thus, vaccinating people above the age of 45 is not really helping the country to dissolve the virus. We have to wait and see what the review meeting brings out for the Delhi people.

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