Delhi Fire Dept Gets 152 Calls On Diwali, 25% Less Than Last Year

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  • DFS received 152 calls related to emergencies and fire on Diwali night.
  • 25% lower than the number of calls received last year.
  • 4 of the cases reported were caused due to crackers.

New Delhi: As New Delhi celebrated Diwali on Thursday with firecrackers, the Capital’s fire department received a total of 152 calls until midnight in connection with fire-related incidents. Another 36 calls came in between midnight and the early hours of Friday, said officials, who however pointed out that only 4 of the calls were suspected to be related to firecrackers. New Delhi’s fire department, however, said it has seen a drop in fire-related calls by around 25% over the previous year, with 205 calls received until midnight during Diwali in 2020.

Atul Garg, the director of the Delhi Fire Service (DFS), said that out of all the fire-related calls, only 4 were suspected to be firecracker-related instances. “Fire calls have reduced this year by around 25%. Only four calls are so far suspected to be due to firecrackers, while 35 were fires arising out of waste burning. Some of these calls also included bird and animal rescues,” he said.

Fire department data shows that in 2019, 245 calls were received until midnight on Diwali. Atul Garg said that among the major fire-related calls received on Diwali was a blaze at a factory in Nilothi in west Delhi, and it was likely not related to firecrackers. For this year’s Diwali, nearly 2,800 personnel of the DFS were deployed across the Capital and 30 fire posts were set up in addition to the existing 64 fire stations in the city, Garg had earlier said.

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