Delhi Hit and Run Accused Sent to 14 Day Judicial Remand

NEW DELHI: According to the latest developments in the Delhi hit and run case Rohini court has sent 6 accused to judicial custody for 14 days. The accused were brough to the jail lock up and presented before the court through video conferencing, the Delghi police said. It also addded that accused Ashutosh moved a bail petition.

Statements of as many as 20 eyetwitneesses have been recorded so far. Claiming the incident ‘a conspiracy’,the Police presenting the accused before the court today said -they demandd for a judicial custody and no longer wneated to keep them in remand.

The police has added that they have made a time line along the 20 kms long route from the 6 CCTV footages extracted throughout. In a video, the police says- one of the accused got down from the car two minutes after the accident and saw some trapped under the vehicle. Faces of those in the CCTV footages are now being identified through face recognition technology, the court was told while the accused were presented.

Police further added that the accused at first denied to acknowledge that they did run over someone and saw trapped under the car. However, as the probe depened, they admitted to the fact and didnt stop out of fear.

Meanwhile, Ahustosh bail plea will be heard tommorrow and the hearing test of the accused will be scheduled through the week.

it is It is learned that a theft had alos taken place at the victim’s house on December 31. Anjali’s family said thieves smashed open the lock of their home and took several belongings, including an LCD television, according to reports. The family has accused Anjali’s ‘friend’ Nidhi, the woman who was travelling with her on the day of the accident, of being involved in the theft.    

“We got a call about the incident at 8:30 in the morning following which we reached the spot for further investigation and an FIR has also been registered,” the Delhi Police said in a statement. A team of FIR has been engaged to gather details of the incident.

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