Delhi MCD Exit Poll Suggests 149-171 AAP Seats, BJP Next

Story Highlights:

  • MCD exit poll results out
  • AAP leads while BJP comes second
  • Congress only gets 3-7 seats

New Delhi: The exit poll results of the Delhi MCD elections are out. The results suggest that the ruling party of the state AAP is going to win the elections by majority with a vote bank of around 43 percent. Whereas, the next big party to grab votes is expected to be the BJP which can have a vote bank of about 35 percent. This exit poll results have concluded a close catch between both the ruling parties. 

If the numbers are to be believed then the Delhi Municipal Corporation can once again be ruled by Aam Aadmi Party by a majority. On the other hand, the Congress party got the lowest vote with just 10 percent of the total vote whereas the other parties managed to sweep about 12 percent of the total votes. The two exit polls that are predicted so far suggest AAP’s win by a majority. 

While one exit poll suggests that AAP can get 146-156 seats in the MCD elections of the state, the other suggests that it can get about 149-171 seats in the MCD elections. Apparently, the MCD elections were carried out for the 250 wards on Sunday,  the result of which will come out on Wednesday. 

But before the actual counting of the vote begins, two exit polls were conducted to get knowledge about the winning party of the MCD elections in Delhi where AAP has swept away the majority. The results are yet to come out but the exit polls suggest that Aam Aadmi Party is a winner. The total voter turnout was 50 percent on Sunday. 

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