Delhi Urges Neighbouring State to introduce CNG module automobiles

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  • Delhi urges neighbouring states to introduce CNG modules in public transport vehicles.
  • It also urged neighbouring states to ban firecrackers to tackle pollution.
  • It encouraged neighbouring regions to spray bio-decomposer on paddy straw to prevent stubble burning.

Delhi: Environment Minister Gopal Rai said on Thursday that Delhi has urged that its neighbouring statesĀ  to switch their public transportation vehicles in the National Capital Region(NCR) to CNG module and develop a policy to promote electric vehicles.It has also urged neighbouring regions to prohibit the use of firecrackers in order to reduce pollution. He made the remarks while participating in an online meeting of NCR states hosted by Union Environment Minister Bhupender Yadav.

Thermal power plants in the NCR that do not have emission control systems should not be awarded an extension, he said. He also encouraged states to spray bio-decomposer on paddy straw as an “emergency step” to prevent stubble burning.

If they don’t, he says, Delhi and the rest of northern India would have to face the burden of stubble fire again this year. He said,”We have also suggested that Haryana and Uttar Pradesh constitute a task force for pollution hotspots in their areas surrounding Delhi for ground visits and focused work.”

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