Delhi’s Businessman Mitigates Oxygen Shortage at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

Story Highlights
  • Delhi's common man in the shoes of the government
  • Businessman Gaurav helps restore oxygen in the premises
  • The hospital is treating 544 patients of COVID

New Delhi: The Elite Sir Ganga Ram hospital in the national capital received nearly 7.5 tonnes of medical oxygen in the early hours of Wednesday.  The hospital ha sent multiple SOS messages last week amid a severe shortage of oxygen as the lives of hundreds of patients at the facility were at stake. 

The hospital authorities flagged oxygen depletion on Tuesday evening. The administration declared an emergency stating depletion of 4,500 cubic metres of oxygen in its storage by 8:30. A tanker with 2.5 tonnes of oxygen reached the hospital at 12:30 am while an additional five tonnes were sent by INOX at 2:30 am. 

Chairman of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Dr DS Rana, appreciated businessman Gaurav and his team to aid in re-filling and helping patients. In an official statement, the doctor said,” It is for the fifth day today that the regular vendors have not refilled any of the oxygen cylinders lying with them. The above group of 19 businessmen from Phoenix-Group came forward at the time of crisis and helped refill 64 oxygen cylinders and helped our sick Covid patients.”

A total of 544 patients are currently admitted at Sir Ganga Ram hospital. Of which 127 patients are on oxygen support, 112 on Nasal Prong, two people are on high flow Oxygen Support and 12 on NIV ventilation. At least 28 patients are on ventilator support, 41 on Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure (BiPAP) support.

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