Delhi’s Fatehpuri Mosque’s Imam Urges People to Offer Eid Namaz At Home Owing To the Covid-19 Conditions

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  • Eid-Ul-Fitr is designated to occur on either may 13 or may 14 depending on moon sighting
  • Lakhs of Muslims offer Eid prayer every year across the country in congressional
  • Delhi Shahi imam asks people to offer Eid Namaz at home to remain safe and healthy

New Delhi: The latest incident of Kumbh Mela where lakhs of devotees gathered without following any covid protocols gave rise to mass coronavirus infections. And now, as Eid approaches, several sections of the society fear that such a large gathering will take place again while lakhs of Muslims gather to pray Eid Namaz.

But owing to the current situations, the Shahi imam of Delhi’s Fatehpuri mosque, Dr Mufti Mohammad Mukarram Ahmed urged all the Muslims across the country to offer the Eid Namaz at home and maintain all other covid norms to prevent mass spreading of the virus. He said, “Over four lakh people have been infected with the virus and almost 3,000 people are dying per day. There are no beds, medicines and the appropriate amount of vaccine in the hospital. I appealed to the community to offer prayers of Eid at home”.

Like last year, this year too, the month of Ramadan has been under strict lockdown restrictions and now the Eid Namaz is also to be performed at home. For us to remain safe we must follow the covid protocols essentially, it is not time for the festivities to be celebrated in a grand manner as thousands of people suffer daily due to the pandemic. Keep your faith alive within the confinement of your home to stay safe.

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