Demolition Begins In The Sinking Town

Joshimath: The demolition for buildings that have developed cracks and are badly damaged in Joshimath began today. Based om the magnitude of danger from land subsidence, Joshimath has been divided into three zones; danger, Buffer, and Completely Safe.

Dr. Anjal Prakash, Research Director at Bharti Institute of Public Policy has claimed that the primary cause of Joshimath situation is NTPC’s Vishnugad hydel project. “the tunneling technology which is used across eastern and western Himalayan region brings havoc to the local environment”, said Dr. Prakash.

‘Who tunnels through a sinking town?’, tweeted Dr. Prakash along with a picture with his article.

Earlier on January 9, central teams reached Dehradun to survey the villages affected by the shifting soil in Josihimath. Around 600 homes were affected, but this has not happened overnight. A slew of government’s wrong decisions has caused people to evacuate their houses. A series of construction activities in a site that was declared Seismic Zone 5, an area with high earthquake intensity is also a reason for its sinking.

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