Dengue Patient Dies Due to Alleged Transfusion of Juice; Probe Ordered, Hospital Sealed

PRAGYARAJ: Abiding by the instructions issued by the district administration officials on Friday sealed Global Hospital and Trauma Centre, Prgayaraj, UP after a dengue patient died due to alleged infusion of in what is being called sheer recklessness of filling the plasma pouch with mosambi juice. The family of the victim approached the state govt urging strict action against the hospital administration.

A 32-year-old man was admitted to the Global Hospital and Trauma Centre on October 17th, where the relatives alleged the patient’s health deteriorated after the transfusion of the liquid provided by the hospital. Following this the patient was shifted to another hospital where he died. Probing the death, the hospital administration where the 32-year-old died said that the plasma was fake and actually a mix of chemicals and sweet like or sweet lime (mosambi) juice.

A video allegedly showing mosambi juice inside a blood pack has surfaced on social media and is going viral. After the incident triggered outrage, the Chief Medical Officer ordered that the hospital where the incident took place must be shut down.

“Taking cognizance of the viral video at the hospital where a dengue patient was transfused with sweet lemon juice instead of platelets, on my directive the hospital was sealed and the platelet packets have been sent for testing. If found guilty, strict action will be taken against the hospital.”

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