Dengue Reported In Nine Wards, Teams To Spread Awareness

Story Highlights
  • Dengue fever has been reported in nine out of 85 wards.
  • More than 30 patients in Ward 6.
  • Municipal Corporation staff to aware public by visiting venues.

Bhopal: Dengue fever has been declared in nine out of 85 wards in the city. This year, more than ten patients were discovered in these wards. There are more than 30 patients in Ward 6. Parts of historic Bhopal, notably Sajida Nagar, are included. In these wards, a particular method for preventing dengue fever has been devised. On Monday afternoon, representatives from the State Health Department and the Municipal Corporation met to discuss this issue. The meeting included all of the municipal corporation’s zone officials and health officers.

Akhilesh Dubey, the District Malaria Officer, stated that it has been determined that Municipal Corporation staff will spread awareness among the masses by visiting venues such as Durga Pandal, Temple, Church, and Mosque. I’ll try to persuade them not to keep water in their homes for longer than seven days. People will be educated on the signs of dengue fever and how to avoid it. He stated that every day, one team from the Health Department and one from the Municipal Corporation would do larval surveys in these wards. Currently, the staff only visits these areas after receiving the patient.

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