Desi Couple Fly Bike in Air for Pre-Wedding Shoot

We’ve all seen couples go the extra mile to make their wedding special be it a destination wedding or innovative entry during the event, special performances, or an extra-ordinary setup, hands are tried on everything.

With the pre-wedding shoot in trend, photographers are also tasked to make the best-ever collection for couples. Movie-inspired scenes, locations, and attire all are taken into count when a couple decides to make their pre-wedding album. But none of that can hold a candle to what a Desi couple did for what is said to be their pre-wedding shoot. 

BTS of such an event has gone viral on social media. In the video which has garnered over 3.2 lakh views and received 7,708 like on Twitter, a couple is seen flying in the air on a motorbike. In the 13 seconds video posted on the handle of Best of the Best- a couple apparently, the groom being suspected as a stunt director is seen with the bride as the pillion. The video captioned – Pre Wedding SHoots- I’m getting this, features a bike flying past a jeep and landing safely. It is seen that the photographers have taken ample precautions while recording the shot. The bike is seen hanging from a rope tied in the shape of a scale which is in turn held aloft by a crane.

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