DGP HK Lohia’s Murder: Main Accused Yasir Ahmed Nabbed

Jammu and Kashmir: Yasir Ahmed, a 23-year boy who is identified as a prime suspect is the domestic help at the residence of the senior police officer who was brutally murdered last night has been nabbed by the police on Tuesday. The arrest was sought after a massive night-long manhunt, police said. Yasir Ahmed, is currently being interrogated, said ADGP Mukesh Singh. As per sources, Yasir was hired six months ago.

Hemant Kumar Lohia, J&K DGP Prisons was found dead at home last night with his throat slit and burn injuries on the body. Police on investigation and security footage said they suspected the domestic help as the accused based on the shreds of evidence that were recovered from the spot. CCTV footage obtained from the site showed that the suspect – Yasir Ahmed ran away from the crime spot. The evidence what appears to be the diary of the house help reveals a depressed mind fixated on death. Texts like ‘Dear Death, come into my life’, ‘Im sorry I am having a bad day, week, month, year, life’, hint the househelp had mental issues.

Lohia who was appointed as the DGP in August was murdered at a friend’s house on the outskirts of Jammu where he has been staying with his family while his own home was under renovation.

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