Diesel Theft from Water Tanker in Bhopal Municipal Corporation

Bhopal: A video displaying diesel siphoning from water tankers of Bhopal Municipal corporation has surfaced. In the clipping, a water tanker parked at the Shahjahanabad police station, and 4 barrels of diesel is seen. As per the video recording, the alleged theft is reported to have occurred on January 11th.

 On interacting with Premshankar Shukla, diesel in charge of the Municipal Corporation, it is informed that the workers were provided diesel based on the requirement. He asserted that strict action will be taken against the Municipal Corporation employees involved in the pilferage.

Reports have indicated a history of fuel siphoning from the vehicles of the corporation. Earlier in 2021, an employee from the Municipal corporation was caught stealing diesel from a garbage vehicle. Subsequently, there was another event in June 2021, which came to the fore after a video of diesel being extracted from a hearse surfaced.

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