Displace Families Ordered to Leave Kabul

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  • Taliban led Afghan govt ordered displaced families to move back to their provinces.
  • Nearly 2,000 families have been displaced.
  • WFP predicts economic crises in Taliban.

Kabul: The Taliban led Afghan govt today has ordered hundreds of displaced families to leave Kabul. These displacements stem from the countrywide fighting that preceded the Taliban takeover in August.

A local media house said, “This process began today and will continue, thus all (displaced) families in Kabul will go back to their provinces- as quoted by Taliban led govt Deputy Minister of refugees and repatriation.”

According to officials from the Taliban nearly 2,000 families have been displaced and are residing in Kabul. According to World Food Program (WFP), the country would face severe economic conditions for which they alerted the govt. Mary-Ellen McGroarty, WFP representative and country director for Afghanistan said, “The economy is on the brink of collapse here in Afghanistan. There is a cash crisis. Banks had closed their doors, but they are now opened. You can only take out 200 dollars. Savings are inaccessible for the people that have a little bit of money in the bank. The Afghan currency has decreased significantly,” local news reported.

Several families have been displaced amidst power rifts after the withdrawal of the US forces. People complain of inconveniences citing their stay in open grounds and tents. Various donor organizations have provided humanitarian support to Afghanistan in the form of aid, but a large mass still remains out of reach and despair in crisis.

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