District Member Booked for Purported Video on Elephant Killing

KORBA: In connection to a video on collection of donation on elephant killings, a case has been filed against district member Komal Singh. In the video Komal Singh claims the forest department gives a sum of Rs Six Lakhs on killing an elephant.

Sources in the know have also stated that the recent killing of an elephant calf was carried out by people who were provoked by this video. So far 12 have been arrested in the matter of killing an elephant calf and burying the carcass in a paddy farm in the Korba district.

According to the preliminary investigation, the accused found the elephant calf at the farm in Bania village under the Pasan forest range on October 18. It is learnt that they poisoned it to death the next day and buried the carcass in the farm to hide the crime, Katghora Divisional Forest Officer Premlata Yadav had said.

On receiving information about elephant calf killing, forest personnel exhumed the carcass of the jumbo from the farm in Bania village on October 20 following which a probe was launched into its death, she had informed. Forest personnel found that paddy had been planted freshly on the patch of land where the carcass was buried to cover up the killing, she added.

A case has been registered for the offence under provisions of the Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972. A 16 year old boy and the owner of the farm where the carcass was found have been apprehended.

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