Doctor Shot at Dispute During New Year Party

RAIGAD: In a bizarre incident in Raigarh, a doctor complained of being shot. As per the information given by the doctor, the incident took place on 1st January when a dispute emerged after he attempted to bring down the new year party in his neighborhood.

Based on the statement given by the doctor-he was shot at Alankar Garden when he tried to enter the premises. Dr. PK Patel claims that a bullet was fired at him which injured his hand, near the restaurant at Kotra road following which the police were informed about the incident. At present, there has been no FIR filed-said a senior police official interacting with the media. He mentioned that Dr. Patel was intoxicated when the incident took place.

Preliminary investigations revealed no sign of a bullet shot at the spot the doctor claimed. However, a detailed probe is launched. Investigating officers suspect the victim is trying to misguide the probe. They added that during the search launched at his residence, pieces of evidence that indicate a bullet being fired were also gathered. The senior officer added that a team of Kotwali police along with FSL have been engaged for a detailed probe into the matter.

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