Dozens of Chhattisgarh MLAs Arrive in Delhi; Opposition Calls it a Stunt

Story Highlights
  • Several MLA’s of Congress party arrived in Delhi on Wednesday night.
  • Claim to convene with State party in-charge PL Punia and Rahul Gandhi.
  • No change of Chief Minister asserted Brihaspath Singh.

New Delhi: As the suspense of change in leadership progresses, nearly 15-16 MLA’s of the Chhattisgarh Congress party arrived at Delhi on Wednesday night. Congress MLA Brihaspath Singh revealed that the delegation has arrived to convene with State party in-charge PL Punia and invite Rahul Gandhi to Chhattisgarh. “Around 15-16 party MLAs have reached Delhi and are staying at different places. Rahul Ji’s visit to Chhattisgarh is proposed. We wanted to convey a request to Rahul Ji through our state in-charge P L Punia Ji that he should extend a little the duration of his tour so that all the MLAs could get benefit of it,” said Brihaspat Singh, the party MLA from Ramanujganj seat of the state.

Speaking to a media reporter, Brishaspath Singh ascertained that there will be no change of Chief Minister. He claimed that the High Command, MLAs and the people of Chhattisgarh stood by the CM and his efforts towards the state. Hinting towards State Health Minister he said, “ Government can’t be destabilized just to satisfy an individual.”

Further, he added that the state congress party wasn’t facing a Punjab-like situation.  He claimed that all the MLAs of the party were united and were faithful to the High Command.

Earlier, an internal rift was witnessed in the party after Health Minister TS Singh Deo demanded the transfer of Chief Ministership. According to Singh, the High Command in 2018 had promised him the Chief ministership after 2.5 years of leadership by Bhupesh Baghel. A high-level party meeting was held in Delhi where Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi dismissed Mr Singh’s statements and pronounced Bhupesh Baghel to continue as the Chief Minister of the State.

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