DRI Bust Rs 33 Crore Foreign Gold Smuggling Racket

Story Highlights
  • DRI confiscates biscuits of foreign origin gold.
  • 19.93 kg was seized in Maharashtra and 28.57 kgs and 16.96 kg from Bihar and Delhi respectively.
  • The consignement was caught under Op Gold Rush launched by DRI.

New Delhi: Under Operation Gold Rush the DRI has seized as many as 394 pieces of foreign origin gold approx 65.64 kgs in weight worth Rs 33.40 crores. The Ministry of Finance said in a statement that the gold “was being smuggled from neighbouring northeastern countries.”

As per Intel reports, a syndicate was preparing to smuggle foreign gold out of Mizoram using domestic courier consignment of supply chain and logistic company (hereinafter referred as logistics company).

“Op Gold Rush” was launched by DRI to stop the contraband, and it resulted in the interception of a specific consignment that was declared to contain “Personal Goods” and was headed for Mumbai. On September 19, 2022, the consignment was examined in Bhiwandi (Maharashtra), and it resulted in the recovery and seizure of 120 pieces of gold biscuits of foreign origin, totalling 19.93 kg and estimated to be worth Rs 10.18 crore.

Further interrogation revealed the location of the second consignment sent by the same consignor to the same location and consignee. It was intercepted in Bihar, where a team disclosed 172 foreign origin gold bars weighing approximately 28.57 kgs valued at about Rs.14.50 crore

The third and the last consignment was intercepted at Delhi where around 102 pieces of foreign-origin gold bars, weighing approximately 16.96 kg worth ₹ 8.69 crores were recovered.

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