Drunk Train Ticket Checker Sacked For Peeing On Woman Passenger, Arrested

An intoxicated man identified as the ticket checker has been arrested for allegedly peeing on a woman onboard an Amritsar-Kolkata train. The man, Munna Kumar from Bihar, urinated on the passenger’s head on Sunday midnight said sources in the know.

The woman was travelling with her husband Rajesh Kumar in the A1 coach of Akal Takht Express, Government Railway Police officials said. Munna Kumar was on leave on the day of the incident, they said adding that he was immediately sacked from the job.

In a letter to the man, the northen railways said, the conduct showing disrespect to women construes a serious misconduct, in the process bringing disrepute not only to your own self but entire railways as an organisation”.

Two similar cases were reported on Air India flights – New York to Delhi and Paris to Delhi two months ago.

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