EAM Jaishankar Assures Bringing Back Indian Nationals Safely From Afghanistan

Story Highlights
  • Jaishankar addressed a press conference after attending the UNSC meeting
  • India is monitoring the situation "very carefully" Jaishankar said
  • He assures to bring back Indians safely

New Delhi: After the Taliban occupied Afghanistan and president Ghani fled the country there has been terror turmoil amongst its citizens. No wonder the foreign nationals based in Afghanistan are trying to get back safely from the Taliban clasp. While the governments of the US, Russia, British, and other powerful countries are shaking hands to bring their countrymen back safely, India is not far from the same. 

After concluding the UNSC meeting, external affairs minister S Jaishankar attended a press conference where he assured that the Indian nationals trapped in Afghanistan would be brought back safely. He said, “At this point of time, we are looking at the evolving situation in Kabul… as the Taliban and its representatives have come to Kabul and I think we need to take it from there”. He also said that the “historical relationship with the Afghan people continues” and “That will guide our approach in the coming days. I think at this time, these are early days, and our focus is on the safety and security of the Indian nationals who are there”, when asked about India’s continued relationship with the Afghan nation.

Assuring the safe return of Indian nationals from the Taliban-occupied Afghanistan, Jaishankar further said, “At the moment we are, like everybody else, very carefully following developments in Afghanistan. I think our focus is on ensuring the security in Afghanistan and the safe return of Indian nationals who are there”. Hopefully, our Indian brothers and sisters are safe there and soon will be back home with their families.

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