Earthquake Tremors Felt at Assam Capital Guwahati

Story Highlights
  • Earthquake tremors were felt at about 12.27 pm today in Guwahati
  • Origin of the earthquake at 62 km northeast of the capital
  • Richter scale measured 3.5 magnitude

Guwahati: Earthquake tremors were felt at about 12.27 pm today, at 62 km northeast of Assam’s Capital Guwahati. The intensity on the Richter scale was 3.5 magnitude. The National Center for Seismology has informed about this incident. “An earthquake of magnitude 3.5 occurred 62km northeast of Guwahati, at around 12:27 pm, today. The depth of the earthquake was 10 km below the ground,” said a statement by the National Center for Seismology. 

No casualties have been reported till now in the earthquake. Apparently, the light category earthquakes are measured at 4.0 to 4.9 magnitude and are recorded on the Richter scale about 6,200 times in a year all over the world. In such quakes, light tremors are felt and household items are seen moving due to them. However, they cause negligible damage.

For information, the main reason for the occurrence of earthquakes is the collision of plates inside the earth. There are seven plates inside the earth which keep on rotating continuously. When these plates collide at some point, a fault line zone is formed there and the corners of the surface are folded. Due to the cornering of the surface, pressure builds up there and the plates start breaking. Due to the breakdown of these plates, the energy inside finds a way to come out, due to which the earth shakes and we consider it as an earthquake.

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