ECB Writes To ICC On Outcome Of Cancelled 5th Test

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  • The ECB sent a letter to the International Criminal Court to decide the fate of the fifth test.
  • India will win the series 2-1 as ICC rules against ECB.
  • A proper resolution between the cricket boards of India and England has yet to be reached.

New Delhi: The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) has formally sent a letter to the International Cricket Council (ICC) to determine the fate of the fifth test of India cancelled at Old Trafford, which shows that the two committees are far from reaching an agreement. After the COVID19 outbreak in the Indian camp forced its senior players to express their concerns about the continuation of the game to Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and the European Central Bank, the fifth and final test of the Manchester series was cancelled. “Yes, we will write to the ICC,” an ECB spokesperson said.

Facing the game, India drove to the rubber 2-1. The independent test will not be part of this series. The ECB wants the Dispute Resolution Committee (DRC) to address the problem and direct the insurance company, as they will lose 40 million pounds if the party is declared abandoned due to the COVID.

However, ECB’s dissension is that although the Indian players returned two negative RT PCR results, they were still reluctant to play. Older people, like the employer, the Virat Kohli skipper, did not move from his position that there was a risk involved during the incubation period, which superimposed the test dates, since most players were treated by Physio Yogesh Parmar, who is isolating after contracting the virus. If ICC governs the test as abandoned, India will win the Series by 2-1, but if England will have a confiscation according to the failure of the DRC, it will be a 2-2 verdict and the host nation can also request insurance.

The ECB wants the dispute to be resolved by the ICC’s Dispute Resolution Committee, and expects a forfeiture to be granted so it can claim insurance for the losses. The match will be deemed forfeited if the ICC rules in favor of the ECB, and the series will end in a 2-2 draw. However, if the ICC rules against the ECB and considers the fifth Test to be abandoned, India will win the series 2-1. It should be noted that both the ECB and the BCCI have said that they are working together to determine a future date for the fifth Test match. However, the newest report of the ECB writing to the ICC suggests that a proper resolution between the Cricket Boards of India and England has yet to be reached.

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