Economic Crisis: Family of 3 attempts suicide; rescued by police and relatives

West Bengal: Three residents at the Sonali Park, Kolkata tried to commit suicide but, the police men and the relatives came to the rescue and saved them. The incident took place at the Sonali Park that come under the Regent Park police station on Friday

The three residents to commit such heinous acts were a 67 years old woman along with her two sons whose age was 43 years and 38 years old. The trio was taken to the Baghajatin state general hospital. The doctors removed the poison from the stomach and the condition got stable. The relatives and the cops saved their lives. 

The investigation revealed that the family was undergoing some financial crisis. The outcome and the final stop to such disaster was suicide. The widow woman used to sell her ornaments at Bansdroni market. Her youngest son called his cousin about their attempts to end their lives. His cousin, who resided in Malancha, immediately informed the police grasping the seriousness of the action. 

However, the officials didn’t find any suicide notes. The police officers expected that the trio would have killed themselves if the youngest son wouldn’t have informed them about the suicidal thoughts of his cousin. 

The economic crisis in the wake of coronavirus has created a big disaster in the lives of the people. Many people have lost their jobs and the whole world is going through an economic crisis and dealing with the financial crunch. 

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