Education Minister Receives Complaints Pertaining to Illegal; Land Acquisition

Story Highlights
  • Illegal school land acquisition in Raipur, Education minister Premsai receives notice.
  • 4 newborn babies died in a hospital in Ambikapur, matter in the probe.
  • Dr Lakhan Singh, Superintendent at GMCH, claims death due to natural causes.

Premsai Singh Tekam, the Minister of Education, has received more than 40-50 complaints about encroachment on school grounds. He has also received requests for transfer letters in addition to this. However, he has failed to provide any solutions or responses to the issue of unlawful land occupation or the challenges faced by teachers as a result of their denial of relocation requests. The department and the minister have been asked to make the school land encroachment-free so that children can receive an education here.

Speaking on the death of 4 newborn babies at the government hospital and medical college in Ambikapur, Premsai Singh Tekam, said an emergency conference of authorities has been summoned in Ambikapur. Dr Lakhan Singh, Superintendent at GMCH, reported that “All 4 newborns, aged 4 to 28 days, were referred from different hospitals following their delivery.” He stated that the deaths were not rare and that the babies died as a result of birth problems. “Two of the newborns had birth asphyxia, while the other two were underweight. One of the most common causes of mortality in newborns is asphyxia “Dr. Singh explained.

Following the catastrophe in Jashpur during the Durga idol immersion procession, the government has suddenly been active on a number of fronts. Bhupesh Baghel, the Chief Minister, has issued severe directions to prevent ganja smuggling. Premsai Singh Tekam had previously stated that the Odisha government should investigate where so much ganja is coming from.

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