Eknath Shinde Leaves for Mumbai to Meet Fadnavis

Story Highlights
  • Rebel Shinde to meet Fadnavis in Mumbai.
  • BJP Fadnavis likely to take charge as Chief Minister.
  • Shinde said the lists doing the rounds on social media about the ministerial posts are rumours.

Maharashtra: Rebel Eknath Shinde leaves for Mumbai to meet BJP leader Fadnavis- the proposed candidate by BJP as the next CM. Shinde and Fadnavis are scheduled to meet Maha Guv Bhagat Singh Koshtari to stake claim to the govt. According to sources, Eknath Shinde is expected to take charge as the Deputy under Fadnavis. Shinde is reportedly carrying a letter in support of the rebel Sena MLAs and independents that he will present in his meet in Mumbai.

A day after the resignation of Uddhav Thackeray, Devandra Fadnavis, a BJP candidate is expected to charge of the post. After his meeting with the Guv, the Maha BJP tweeted a video clip in a Marathi, where he is heard saying ” I will come again. For the creation of a new Maharashtra! Jai Maharashtra.”

Shine who claims to have the support of 50 MLAs, on Thursday morning tweeted that the discussion on cabinet portfolio distribution is yet to take place with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) if they decide to form the government together in Maharashtra. He further said that the lists doing the rounds on social media are rumours.

Shinde said there has been no discussion till now with the BJP about the number of ministries that will probably go to his camp, but it is expected to happen soon. “There has been no discussion with the BJP about which and how many ministerial post. It will happen soon. Until then, please don’t believe the ministerial lists and rumours about it,” Shinde tweeted in Marathi.

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